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Implementing and executing more complex strategies manually has become very difficult for the traders because of the fast pace of the Forex market these days. It particularly becomes a headache for you if you are not a full-time trader. Therefore, many of you feel the need of Expert Advisors (EAs) because they work with peace of mind and emotion free 24 / 5 through the year (except holidays). EAs get you rid of monitoring every move of the market.

Expert Advisors on MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader 4 trading platform allows all traders to implement and execute your Expert Advisors strategies. Rexor Investments has no objection at all. Implementing EA strategies is very easy because this trading platform is considered a very user-friendly platform that comes with a lot of flexibility and innovation.

No Objection on Implementing EAs

As we said earlier in the above paragraph, Rexor Investments has no objection at all either you execute Expert Advisors strategies on your trading account or not. You are free to apply or change your EAs whenever you want.

We would like to inform you that MT4 Multi-Terminal does not support Expert Advisors.

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