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How to Trade Forex?

  • How to Trade Forex?

Forex market should be treated same as any other market in our practical life: e.g. stock market, commodity market or even the simple market in your area. All of these markets are different in goods offered but have the similar features. The methods of making any deal are also different in all markets.

This is very obvious that the product offers in FOREX market is foreign exchange currency because this is particularly a currency market. Being a FOREX trader, you just need to focus on buying any currency at a cheaper rate, wait for your target rate and then, sell it at comparatively more expensive rates. This rate difference between buying and selling is actually your profit.

You can even earn your profit by reversing this method. For example, knowing that any currency pair should go more in downward trend, you sell it in the current expensive price and buy it when it comes back to some cheaper price. The price difference in this example is also your profit.

FOREX Trading is No Big Deal:

Initially, it could be difficult for everyone to make money in FOREX trading or understand how and when to trade? In fact, FOREX trading is relatively easier way to earn money than other financial markets and trading in FOREX is no big deal at all. There are a few necessary steps to keep in mind to make money in FOREX market.

First of all open your live account with Rexor Investments, download our white-labeled MT4 trading platform (a special software that allows you to trade in real time) and install. To learn, you can open a demo account and practice a few days until you are comfortable to play live account. This demo account helps you a lot in sharpen your trading skills. But the Live Account is the only place that makes you real money.

Just Give One Minute to Below Example:

This is generally a big question for FOREX newbies that how they can earn through exchange rates differences. Well, consider this example to understand – how you can through FOREX trading. Assuming you have already opened your live trading account of $100 with Rexor Investments, you chose to trade in EURUSD currency pair. Now you need to set lower and upper limit on the chart and decide a trade or buy or sell. Well, you assumed on February 10 that the price of the this pair will rise in coming hours or days and you buy 1 lot of 10,000 EURUSD for 1.3580, making a deal of 10000*1.3580 = USD 13,580. Different levels of your live trading account actually allow you to trade 100 times of the real money in your account. The exchange rate EURUSD rises the next day to 1.3650 and then you decided to sell the already purchased lot of 10,000 EUROS, making a deal of 10000*1.3650 = USD 13,650. The difference of these two amounts (13650 – 13580) is actually your profit (USD 70).

Amount Require to Start FOREX Trading:

You do not need a big amount of money to start trading in this financial market which actually is considered most often. Thanks to level that is offered by Rexor Investments, you can trade 100s of times of the money actually existed in your trading account. For example, you have $100 in your account. It allows you to make a deal of more than $5,000 at once.

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